Artist Statement
My glass compositions are sculptural vessels. They investigate the elegant configurations and radial symmetry found in botanicals and sea forms providing rhythm to the balance of material and soul. The collection is created with the use of fused glass elements. Their format and design pay homage to the stratified components found in natural sea life and horticultural beds. The translucent and opaque colors are used to create loft and additional depth that not only celebrates the alluring draw of glass but also creates the illusion of a new material that softens with a skin like quality.

My work is layered and stacked to enhance and increase the depth and negative space that is exposed by organic openings. These holes naturally occur in glass that is encouraged to draw and flow through the use of combined pieces of glass melting in a kiln atmosphere. The outcome of these assembled forms draw the viewer’s eye into a curious observation of colors and silhouettes peeking out through parallel, negative spaces. But most exciting is the creation of a fourth dimension generated by both shadows and reflected, translucent colors that also strata themselves on the wall, ceiling and horizontal placements. The manifestation of floating off the mounted element compels a feeling of a natural motion and elegant growth found in our natural surroundings.  

 Sub Aquatic  




My urns blend the style of classic forms found in many ancient cultures with a contemporary investigation of imagery and commentary. Ancient urns are often the primary source of historical and archaeological record. My urns are an annotation of personal conjecture in social and political issues. I use subtleties of language and jocular photos, book plates and drawings to create a narrative of imagery that is layered and fired into the surface of the form. My urn collection falls into two series: “Darwin’s Prose” and “The Secret Life of Birds”.